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Prawns like no other

Our products are caught in clean, deep waters in the Barents Sea and have a quality and purity that few other products in the world can boast.

Coldwater Prawns

Introducing one of the world’s purest products: Coldwater Prawns of Norway. Our main line of coldwater prawns are caught in clean, deep waters and have a quality and purity that few other products in the world can boast. Coldwater prawns taste great together with exotic spices in both hot and cold dishes. This brand is available in 5 kg cartons and packs in various sizes. Our brand is built around our concept of Pure Gourmet food straight from the Arctic. We are the only supplier in the world that delivers Norwegian coldwater prawns, IQF, cooked and peeled, with MSC, FOS and KRAV approval.

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Coldwater Prawns Premium

Fishing in these waters is very challenging because the air temperature can drop to minus 40–45 degrees Celsius. This almost untouched area requires advanced fishing using specialised equipment to bring these exquisite prawns up to the surface. Our boats are specially equipped for this type of fishing and they are the only vessels that fish in this area. The unique climate means that the prawns in this area are of unparalleled quality in terms of purity, colour, consistency, sweetness and taste. Once peeled, the prawns are packed by hand and delivered in our specially-produced exclusive packaging.

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Northern Light

There are many myths about the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis. According to the Inuit people of Alaska, the lights were the dancing souls of the animals they hunted and fished for. The Northern Lights still have a certain mystique about them today, and we still fish these far northern waters. Many have been amazed by the Northern Lights.  We wanted to bring this fabulous phenomena into our coldwater prawns and that is how the Northern Light brand ame into being. We are proud to say that this is our best-selling brand.

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