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We are passionate about prawns, purity and the planet. As far as we are concerned, when it comes to the welfare of the planet, it takes absolute integrity and commitment to make a difference. Our attitude is 'it can't get pure enough'.

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Pure flavor

We offer one of the world's purest products. Caught in the world's cleanest waters. Following the world's strictest environmental standards. Caught in the deeply cold, clean waters of the Arctic, our Norwegian prawns are of a quality and purity that makes them without equal.

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Coldwater prawns

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Pure origin

We have one of the purest products on the planet. A major reason for this is our prawns' unique origin - the deep Arctic waters of the Barents Sea. The freezing conditions mean that the Coldwater prawn matures more slowly than other, more common variants.

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Pure planet

Coldwater Prawns of Norway knows it owes an incalculable debt to the planet. Without the fruits of Mother Nature our business would simply not exist. This is one of the reasons why we have always taken our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously.

The sustainability of the Norwegian prawn fishing industry is documented by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Coldwater Prawns of Norway has MSC certification, helping to consolidate Norway as the nation with the greatest share of environmentally certified fisheries anywhere in the world. KRAV is Sweden’s best known environmental label for food, based on ecological considerations and with particularly strict requirements relating to animal welfare, health, social responsibility and environmental impact. This is an international body that sets a host of sustainable fishery criteria, including compliance with a variety of legal requirements, non- overexploited target stock and zero relevant impact on the seabed. It also sets waste management and social accountability standards. The mark in the colors of the Norwegian flag - red, white and blue, guarantees that Norwegian seafood originates from cold, clear Norwegian waters and contributes towards a stronger position for Norwegian seafood globally.


We have one of the purest products on the planet. A major reason for this is our prawns’ unique origin – the Barents Sea.

These Arctic waters are deeply cold and amazingly clean. In this unspoilt environment, the ‘Pandalus borealis’ thrives. The freezing conditions mean that the coldwater prawn matures more slowly than other, more common variants. This results in superior size, a richer taste and a unique texture. Little wonder Norwegians have been fishing this area for centuries.

Our environment shapes who we are. We know that this is especially true for the coldwater prawn. That’s why Coldwater Prawns of Norway is doing everything it can to ensure this remarkable part of the world stays exactly the way it is.


Right after landing our catch, from depths of up to 1,300 metres (4,265ft), we freeze it – locking all the goodness in. And we recognise that this is a goodness born of purity - Arctic purity. All the nutritional content and the vitamins A, B, D, E and B12 will reach you just as nature intended.


We consider it an honour to fish these harsh Arctic waters in one of the most dramatic, awe-inspiring environments in the world.

That’s why we hold ourselves accountable to the strictest environmental and sustainability regulations. The future of our business depends on a cleaner tomorrow. In fact, we believe that we all do..


As breathtaking an environment as it is, fishing for the Pandalus borealis is not without significant challenges.

For example, the air temperature can drop to minus 45 degrees Celsius. To work in such hostile conditions requires a dedicated, passionate team. To land catches in this almost untouched part of the world also requires the most advanced fishing techniques. Yet the rewards are great – the unique climate means that the prawns found here are of unparalleled quality in terms of purity, colour, consistency, sweetness and taste.


We’d certainly call ourselves pioneers. It takes a certain kind of attitude to not only hold yourself accountable to the strictest environmental regulations, but to then say: ‘These are not enough.’

Yet that’s exactly what Coldwater Prawns of Norway did when we introduced our Pure Gourmet certification – a set of even stricter demands concerning sustainable harvesting. Additionally, Coldwater Prawns of Norway strengthened its green-credentials even further with a bold 16mNOK (1.9mUSD) initiative.

The result was a series of far-reaching energy and environmental-focused measures that have had a global impact across our whole organisation – from our company offices in Aalesund to our packaging facilities in Senjahopen, as well as our fishing vessels.


Our vessels are one of few to fish these waters, and we take the largest share of the total catch in prawn fishing on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

We believe that, due to this market dominance and the environment in which we operate, we shoulder a great responsibility – one that is at the very heart of our company. That’s why full traceability and both ethical and environmental integrity are paramount to what we do as a business.

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