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    coldwater prawns of norway

    Caught in the deeply cold, clean waters of the Arctic, our Norwegian prawns are of a quality and purity that makes them without equal.

Frozen food has a vital role to play in tackling the global issue of food waste. In the EU alone, 88m tonnes of food are wasted annually. Freezing and ‘perfect portions’ can help turn this around. Knut Helge Vestre CEO / Partner


A superior product only comes about because of a meticulous attention to quality, right across the board. Not only does Coldwater Prawns of Norway operate to internationally recognised industry standards, we also hold ourselves accountable to even more demanding environmental regulations.

Sustainable harvesting is very important to us. We are therefore accredited to the MSC, KRAV and Friends of the Sea and meet their approval requirements. For us, however, this is not enough. We have created our own certification brand, Pure Gourmet. The goal of Pure Gourmet is to set even stricter demands as regards sustainable harvesting.

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