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Our products are caught in clean, deep waters in the Barents Sea and have a quality and purity that few other products in the world can boast.

Knut Helge Vestre

CEO / Partner
“Frozen food has a vital role to play in tackling the global issue of food waste. In the EU alone, 88m tonnes of food are wasted annually. Freezing and ‘perfect portions’ can help turn this around.”


Coldwater Prawns of Norway AS

Notenesgata 6, 6002 ÅLESUND



Coldwater Prawns Production AS

9386 Senjahopen, Norway

Sales and administration

Knut Helge Vestre

CEO / Partner

Hege Furnes


Trond Gulbrandsen

Sales Manager

Veronica Beinset

Sales Manager

Kristin Iversen

Quality Manager

Adelheid Stenevik

Sales Manager

Linda Kristin Haram

Supply Chain Manager

Sverre Brakstad

Export Co-ordinator

Kolbjørn Pettersen

Sales Executive

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